Bent Flyvbjerg

By Bent Flyvbjerg

Five classics in Megaproject Management

The IJPM special issue on “Classics in Megaproject Management” is now in print. It contains the following five original research papers, (available here):

1. Do classics exist in megaproject management? by Bent Flyvbjerg, J. Rodney Turner

2. Bibliographic and comparative analyses to explore emerging classic texts in megaproject management, by Yongkui Li, Yujie Lu, John E. Taylor, Yilong Han

3. The making and impacts of a classic text in megaproject management: The case of cost overrun research, by Matti Siemiatycki

4. Classics in #megaproject #management: A structured analysis of three major works, by Julien Pollack, Christopher Biesenthal, Shankar Sankaran, Stewart Clegg

5. The fate of ideals in the real world: A long view on Philip Selznick’s classic on the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), by Atif Ansar

Read all five papers here

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