Bent Flyvbjerg

By Bent Flyvbjerg

The making and impacts of a classic text in megaproject management

In his new paper in IJPM, “The making and impacts of a classic text in megaproject management: The case of cost overrun research,” Matti Siemiatycki teases out five “key takeaway lessons” for producing classic texts in the field of megaproject management:

1. Novelty is not required to be revolutionary in Kuhn’s sense.
2. Effective communication to its audience – academic or public – is a key feature of classic texts.
3. Paradigm-shifting research depends on widespread awareness of the work among relevant scholars in the field.
4. Dissemination of research in the mass media is an effective technique to increase the impact of megaproject management research on practice.
5. Authors of classic texts should be prepared for pushback from the standard bearers of the established paradigm, in academia, policy, and practice.

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